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  • Eyler Larson
    Sep 2 9:03 AM
      My baronial herald told be provide detailed documentation for my Japanese period name. They have little experience with Japanese names.

      I used a combination of historical names and made a new name according to the website Sengoku Daimyo / misc / names. However, how do I document the name structure provided? There wasn't a reference guide. Any information will help. Thank you in advanced.

      Enclosed is a brief description of the name:

      Myoji (surname) + no (of) + location, title, or order of birth + nanori (formal adult name)

      Myoji + no + zokumyo + nanori
      Surname + of + order of birth + formal adult name

      New Name:

      Ota no Matatoro Ujimasa

      Ota - surname runs in the line of Ota Sukemasa, it means "large rice patty."
      no - means "of."
      Matatoro - means "first son of a first son" or "first son, again."
      Uji - means "family."
      Masa - means "path."

      I was a samurai retainer to Ota Sukemasa who was a Musashi warlord and lord of Iwatsuki castle (mid Kanto plains). Ota Sukemasa used dogs as messengers instead of people because the ninja would not kill them. I kept, protected, and trained the dogs used by Sukemasa. I remained with him through his struggle with the Hojo, even through the battle of Konodai in 1564. After Ota Sukemasa took up with Satake Yoshishinge, I chose to explore the known world with my companion dogs, Kimiko and Naomi.

      Best Regards,

      Sven Larsson (soon Ujimasa)
      Aka Eyler Larson.

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