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28510Shipping a Koto

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  • Akiyo Taira
    Jun 21, 2013

      My sensei gave me a box last March when I was in Hawaii visiting my family.
      It was a box full of promise; it was a set of ji for a koto. Well, sensei
      gave the koto to my mom and now we're trying to work out the logistics for
      getting it to Maryland. The current plan is to ship it via UPS/FedEx, have
      them pack it, insure it, & I can pick it up at the facility by my house. I
      have friends that bought kotos in Japan and brought them back on the
      airplane but I don't know anybody that has shipped one cross country; any
      ideas or suggestions?

      Additionally, the humidity on the east coast is very different from Hawaii
      or Okinawa. Does anybody have care & feeding advice? I talked to a lady
      that used to live out here and she said that they would drape damp towels
      on the koto to keep the wood from drying out and splitting in the winter.

      It only took 13 years of going to class every time that I visited my
      parents...I'm getting a koto so I can practice during the 50 weeks when I'm
      not in Hawaii.

      In Service,

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