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28491Rindou kamon info request, etc.

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  • Kurt Kurosawa
    May 2, 2013
      My grandfather described our formal kamon to me when I was in high
      school. It's a single bellflower atop the familiar 5 bamboo leaves
      inside an octagon with the "three stems" (or a stem flanked by sepals).

      He also described a less-formal kamon consisting of three bars in a
      ring, the bars extending to the inside diameter of the ring which
      defines the ends of the bars (in other words, they're not of one piece
      with the bar).

      There are apparently 2 ways to "spell" Kurosawa in Chinese characters;
      ours is a less-common "spelling."

      I'm looking for more information on this and hope eventually to trace
      its development. Thanks!

      PS: Also looking for a service that can translate and explain my
      grandparents' marriage document.
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