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  • Kevin Vicklund
    Apr 2, 2013
      There's a very period way of tying sleeves back, but you need to have a cord of sufficient length to do so, so practice this at home so you don't find yourself with a cord of the wrong length:

      Drape the midpoint of the cord over your neck so the ends dangle in front of you.  Take one end and pass it under your arm and behind you, and then bring it up over your shoulder.  At this point, both ends should be hanging in front of you from the same shoulder.  Take the other end (the one you haven't manipulated yet) off the shoulder and underneath the same arm.  At this point, the cord should be going over a shoulder, across the back, under the arm, up and over the shoulder, across the back (creating an X between the shoulder blades), and out under the arm.  Adjust the cord so that it is snug without restricting movement and the two ends are of equal length, then tie in a bow in front of the shoulder.  (Optional: move the cord so that the knot is at the center of the back).  Pull or tuck excess sleeve under the cord, and there you go!

      As to the use of rank:

      If all you have is a simple AoA, Shô hachi-i is probably the right one.  When using it with your name, drop the Shô, so you would be Takeda Sakura hachi-i.  "I"s are pronounced as long e's, so the -chi is like the beginning of "cheese".  So phonetically, it's "show hah-chee ee"  Generally speaking, syllables end in vowels (the exception being -n, which is technically its own syllable) with no emphasis.  Accents over vowels tell you if you hold the vowel an extra beat.

      The apprenticeship would normally be used to indicate your job, in contrast with your rank.  However, if you're in a kingdom that doesn't have Orders, I would probably treat this as an ordered award for the purposes of the chart.  Which would put you at Shô shichi-i.  In the end, whether you determine you are 7th or 8th rank is up to you, and the chart is just a guideline.  In fact, I have created a modified chart for use in the Midrealm that is even more detailed (all 30 ranks, including the upper/lower divisions for ranks 4-9), and also separates the royal peers into a set of princely ranks (placing the Curia Regis in the vacated ranks).  In that chart, I (holding only an AoA) am at Ju shichi-i ge rank, because all armigerous awards grant 7th rank status (8th rank is for group officers and non-armigerous awards).

      -Sugawara no Tokihira

      From: Sakura Takeda <takedasakura@...>
      To: sca-jml@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 1:13 AM
      Subject: [SCA-JML] Apron question

      Hello everyone, I am in need of your wonderful help once more.

      First, I am a potter and looking for a good apron to cover up my garb for pottery demos. Are the only period apron options mobakama or yumaki? Is there any option that covers more, especially the chest? Is there anything in period similar to the modern day kappōgi (the cooking/cleaning cover up) maybe? This thing: http://www.silkytime.com/kappougi-3.JPG

      Also, are there any instructions on the web anywhere on how to fold up kosode sleeves for cooking/cleaning. I spent most of my shire's last event helping in the kitchen and the sleeves drove me up a wall. I couldn't find a way to get them out of my way and I really don't want to resort to western garb.

      Lastly, I was checking out this page: http://www.sengokudaimyo.com/miscellany/address.html and I wanted to make sure I have the ranking system stuff down before using it. I have an AoA and I am apprenticed to a laurel. Do I use Shô hachi-i or a different one on the list? and do you add it to the end of the name, like Takeda Sakura Shô hachi-i? Also, how is that pronounced?


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