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  • Sakura Takeda
    Apr 1, 2013
      Hello everyone, I am in need of your wonderful help once more.

      First, I am a potter and looking for a good apron to cover up my garb for pottery demos. Are the only period apron options mobakama or yumaki? Is there any option that covers more, especially the chest? Is there anything in period similar to the modern day kappōgi (the cooking/cleaning cover up) maybe? This thing: http://www.silkytime.com/kappougi-3.JPG

      Also, are there any instructions on the web anywhere on how to fold up kosode sleeves for cooking/cleaning. I spent most of my shire's last event helping in the kitchen and the sleeves drove me up a wall. I couldn't find a way to get them out of my way and I really don't want to resort to western garb.

      Lastly, I was checking out this page: http://www.sengokudaimyo.com/miscellany/address.html and I wanted to make sure I have the ranking system stuff down before using it. I have an AoA and I am apprenticed to a laurel. Do I use Shô hachi-i or a different one on the list? and do you add it to the end of the name, like Takeda Sakura Shô hachi-i? Also, how is that pronounced?

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