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28442Re: Layers of Momoyama period men's garments

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  • wildcrimsonsky
    Jan 6, 2013
      Excellent, thank you. It is as I suspected and another Kosode layer slightly larger would match the illustrations. I also found that an Eri sugata or fake collar can be used to avoid to many layers. This would be a good idea during the Georgia summer heat.

      Thank you for the info.

      Best Regards,
      Sven Larsson
      (Eyler Larson)

      --- In sca-jml@yahoogroups.com, Ishiyama Gen'tarou Yori'ie wrote:
      > wildcrimsonsky wrote:
      > > In most examples the Hakama and Kataginu match,
      > This is what makes it a "kataginu kamishimo", when the kataginu and
      > hakama are made from the same fabric.
      > I have seen it written that to have the kataginu different from the
      > hakama is often a sign of servitude. (I don't have a good reference
      > for this, however.) That is, the kataginu would be of your master's
      > livery. I have made special kataginu with the badges of my local
      > kingdom and barony that I wear when I am acting in some official
      > capacity like retaining, guarding, or processing.
      > > Am I seeing things? What is the middle layer garment? Is it a Hitatare?
      > In most cases, this is another kosode layer. The base later, often
      > referred to as a "juban", is always white as you note. The juban and
      > kosode have the same shape, as far as I know. I try to cut my colored
      > or patterned kosode a little larger so they fit over the juban
      > without binding.
      > --
      > THL Ishiyama Gen'tarou Yori'ie
      > (mka: Elliott C. Evans)
      > ishiyama@...
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