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28440Layers of Momoyama period men's garments

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  • wildcrimsonsky
    Jan 5, 2013
      So I bought some white linen and have started working on my Kosode. However, as I research fabrics and designs for my Hakama and Kataginu, I've run into a question. In all the reference pictures I can find with men wearing a Kataginu, I see 3 layers of garments. The Kosode, then another garment that looks like a Hitatare with less bulky sleeves than the stand alone version, then the Kataginu on top of it all. In most examples the Hakama and Kataginu match, but the other garment is a different coordinating color.

      Am I seeing things? What is the middle layer garment? Is it a Hitatare?

      Please help untangle my confusion. Thank you.

      Best Regards,
      Sven Larsson
      (Eyler Larson)
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