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  • James Eckman
    Oct 23, 2012
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      I have found a couple of interesting books on Japanese living and
      carpentry thanks to my interest in Japanese reform (remodeling) shows.

      Just Enough: Lessons in Living Green from Traditional Japan by Azby Brown
      While this mostly covers Edo period living, some traditions go back
      before this so applicable for our group. How did most people live and
      what resources did they use in Edo period Japan. A good read once book,
      nice illustrations.

      The Genius of Japanese Carpentry: The Secrets of a Craft by Azby Brown
      Azby Brown documents the rebuilding of a Japanese temple with inputs
      from a master temple builder. Mentioned before, but over a decade ago ;)
      Another good read once book. Old enough so you will have to buy a used
      copy anyway or get it from a library.