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28384Re: [SCA-JML] Fabric

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  • the.lady.phoenix@gmail.com
    Sep 9, 2012
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      Ohh I fully understand that no bra thing, I can get away with not
      wearing one, but it feels uncomfortable. and by the way cotton isn't
      always thin, you can get it in heavier weight weaves, but if you used
      cotton to line a wool outer that might work well for you. IE using
      the cotton to line a heavier often scratchier but warmer material...
      especially if you have to go bra-less.... Like a midnight run to the
      bathroom..... Just saying! If your in Atlantia look me up we could
      do a sewing weekend/week for you if you wanted. I do have an
      industrial sewing machine so I could help you quickly make whatever it
      is you need garb-wise.


      On 10/09/2012, Angela Jackson <dragonwithin15@...> wrote:
      > No peasants? Hmm no one told me that. I knew we couldn't known nobles and I
      > understand not being peasant class, but what of the merchant class? Oh well
      > I'll just save it for my non sca pirate.
      > As for the bra, that's just personal, thankfully I'm flat chested in nature
      > but I'm not comfortable walking around without a bra or some form of bandage
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