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  • art_fetish
    Dec 24, 2011
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      From the Noh performance ' Tomoe'. This performance has two acts. The first part deals with a traveling priest who is traveling during winter (the first month of the year) in the Province of Omi. In the first act he meets a country girl who is weeping before a shrine..

      In the second act the priest deals with a the spirit of Tomoe. Behold the ghost of a woman scorned:

      Start of Act 2------

      My pillow is the dewy grass.
      The sun has set and it is dusk
      And on Awazu's dreary shore
      I pray for his enlightenment.

      Tomoe's Spirit:
      The falling flowers confess the vanity of things,
      The water flows indifferent to our fate,
      Yet is a symbol of the lucid mind.

      Misdeed and retribution are the fruit
      Oh Karma-action in a former life,
      But by the wondrous power of the law
      Shall trees an grass, and even the earth itself
      Transform themselves at last into the Buddha-mind.
      Much more then shall we men for whom are said
      These efficacious texts of mighty power,
      Sit soon upon the Lotus terraces.

      What's this I see? The woman who just now
      Spoke with me, but arrayed in warrior's mail.
      Awazu is an eerie place to sleep,
      Haunted it seems by some uneasy ghost.

      Tomoe's Spirit:
      I am Tomoe the woman-warrior,
      But since I am a woman I am not allowed
      To die here with my lord,
      And so my smoldering anger keeps me here...

      Source: Japanese Plays 'Classic Noh, Kyogen, and Kabuki' by A.L. Sadler