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  • Robert Shroyer
    Dec 11, 2011
      Did you want woodblock information? Fort Wayne public library used to have a treasure trove on the subject.

      Hiroda Ujio

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      On Dec 11, 2011, at 7:41 PM, "Melissa" <mdeann@...> wrote:

      > Hello, I am Artemisia Voltera in the SCA and a member of the Middle Kingdom, Red Spears.
      > I have started getting interested in Japanese Ink Paintings. I am the artist who painted the images for Kimiko that were just recently posted here. I also did two additional images that I entered into the A&S competition.
      > I would like to produce these images so they are more accurate. From the research I was able to find, I like the Ink Paintings from the Muromachi time period. I am in search of help to locate writing on how to produce historically accurate images. From everything from the type of paper and ink, to how to make a seal, what is used as the red ink? for the seal, symbolism, etc.
      > Does anyone on here produce these type of art? If so would you be able to direct me on where is best to look for what I am seeking?
      > Any help would be greatly appriciated. While it might be nice to get the images to look like what would have done back then, I would like to do it accuratly.
      > Thank you for your help
      > Lady Artemisia Voltera

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