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28031Sengoku Era Wedding Attire

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  • Carey G
    Dec 3, 2011
      In the not too distant future my now fiance and I shall be getting married. He has expressed a desire for a Shinto wedding which we are starting to look into. I however have no desire to get married in a modern dress, Japanese or American. So I would like to make our clothes to be useable in SCA circles. His persona is from the Sengoku era, early 16th century, and I would like to find out as much as possible about sources of information on weddings in this time period.

      While I am guessing that I will be making myself a slightly altered version of a modern uchikake from what I have seen online so far, I am happy that I won't need to do outrageous things to my hair. I am curious about what colors would be appropriate and how many layers would be expected for a woman marrying a samurai. Also I will be outfitting my maid of honor and I would be curious to see what types of changes I should make in her clothes vs mine.

      As for my fiance my best guess right now is that he would wear a hitatare but I could be wrong on that. And again I would like to see if there is any information available as to appropriate colors. From everything I have seen in modern Shinto weddings the groom seems to usually wear mostly black.

      A few other items I would like input on are patterns and fabrics. To date I have only worked in cottons, linens and once in wool I have no experience with silk and I definitely do want to do these outfits in silk. On this page http://www.wodefordhall.com/kosode.htm, which is what I also use for all my kasode patterns, I see that the author suggests habatoi, taffeta or fuji broadcloth I am wondering if I should be looking at particular weights of fabric as well as at those types or if other types would be better. I am currently looking at ordering from either http://www.silkconnection.com/products/silk.php, http://www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/1665272-AA.shtml or http://www.silkbaron.com/silk/ but I would take any other recommendations.

      To date I have been using the kosode pattern linked above, this hakama pattern http://www.yamakaminari.com/HowTo/RoxannesGarb/RoxanneHakama4Pennsic.pdf and this hitatare pattern http://www.sengokudaimyo.com/katchu/graphics/patterns/hitatare.PDF?42,8 I would be interested in knowing if these are good patterns for me to use for this specific era or if there are other sources I should be referencing.

      I am not only interested in finding out the answers to these questions but I am also interested in seeing any sources that contain these answers, as I do like to at least personally know the documentation for my garb even if I am not presenting it as a competition piece. If the answers simply aren't available I appreciate that you have at least taken time to review my request.

      Thank you
      Lady Agnes von Heidelberg
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