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27924Re: [SCA-JML] Re: A thought on fair use, copyright and intellectual property

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  • Charles Dodge
    Sep 19, 2011
      Let me offer something for review that was said several messages ago by Richard.
      I believe you, Solveig and Kimiko, are talking about two different websites entirely. Please stop and make sure that you two are talking about the same website, as what is good or not on one site may not be the site you are talking about.

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      > Nolo has a couple of nice books out there about copyright, public domain, and fair use. I suggest reading one of them.
      > Your Humble Servant
      > Solveig Throndardottir
      > Amateur Scholar

      The world of copyright in the digital era is fast paced and aggressive. If the books are more then a year old, they are already out of date. Being a college grad with a business degree (I was considering law school with a focus on Copyright law...then I saw our local job market and changed my mind) - I am well versed with law having studied it in college, including a few copyright law class.

      Here is the black and white that decides most copyright cases "Was a significant portion of the content republished in a manner that is harmful to the original source?" - nope in this case. In fact the object of my own postings was to encourage sales and get people to buy the books for their own education studies. Further more, even when there are infringements it normally comes down to a "cease and deist" order if it really goes too far. The materials published were not malicious, for profit, or even a significant portion of the books...and were shared encouraging purchases for educational studies.

      I am done on this matter, and firmly stand in my choice to share and encourage others to consider these materials as good quality resources to buy. We can go round for ages on this, and frankly this is an SCA Japanese persona board not a copyright debate. As a middle ground Ill be certain to limit the photos shared in regards to reviews for educational research to roughly 3 - 10 tops.

      Also, someone mentioned earlier that they dont buy books online without several preview photos, same here :). Which inspired me to check out these resources. Many of these resources I cant even find online, much less figure out their english translation...leaving nothing but photos to go on in term of it the book is relevant to our interests or not.

      -Lady Kimiko

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