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27780Re: What color combo is this lady wearing

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  • LJonthebay
    Aug 12, 2011
      --- In sca-jml@yahoogroups.com, "setsuko_iwashiro" <whitefeatherart@...> wrote:
      > Perhaps it's a special kasane for the occasion? I've seen some ensemble- such as the ones worn by the priestess of Ise in Japanese reenactments- that don't seem to follow the normal rules...

      Most of us are non-Japanese-readers who are pretty much limited to what we know based on one chapter in Liza Dalby's "Kimono: Fashioning Culture." That chapter deals with a single source: Minamoto Masasuke's notes from c. 1160 on what his Empress should wear.

      There may be other historical sources that exist; then again, there may not be.

      I do seem to recall reading about darker nagabakama for younger women, but I can't remember the source. Will try to dig it out this weekend if I can.

      Saionji no Hana
      West Kingdom
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