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27774RE: Question about Potboiler Press

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  • Erin Kelly
    Aug 4, 2011
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      Potboiler is a cottage industry - I'm sure the proprietor can reassure
      you, fix the problem, or offer an alternate payment method. If he's
      not at Pennsic.

      I've ordered from them with no problem (don't remember any oddness
      with the website at the time, but it was a year ago), and I've never
      heard of anyone having issues with them.

      (I think there was a time several years ago when the business was
      minimally responsive for a period of time - likely a "real life
      intruding" issue, not atypical for SCA-related businesses. They
      recovered from it well and have been fine since, so I don't count that
      against them.)

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