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27763Converting modern kimono to period kosode...part 1

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  • art_fetish
    Jul 21, 2011
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      I sell modern authentic Japanese kimono. As a result I have a regular supply of Japanese textiles to work with. I have a nice variety of kimono that are woven using period techniques. While the kimono itself is not period the fabric is.

      So....why not turn a modern kimono into a period kosode? In particular my period of preference is the Momoyama. Truthfully, the super easy to wear nagoya obi are a total sell for me when it comes to costuming in this period.

      That being said the momoyama had 3 specific patterns / layouts for designs on their kosode. At this time you also start seeing examples of when the sleeves are no longer attached to the body. If you want reference material in regards to the sleeves let me know and Ill send you examples.

      I have 3 modern kimono to work with - all period woven pieces made of authentic Japanese silk (burn text confirmed). While cotton certainly is period for the Momoyama, I want to go with silk.

      Here is a link to a photo that is the 3 primary design layouts for the Momoyama period kosode: http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/5905/whichkosode.jpg

      Which design do you think I should do first? My current kimono colors are green, white, grey, and black. Im going to create a second Momoyama kosode to layer with that will host purple or orange as its primary color.

      Also coming up - Ro real silk hakama from the Momoyama period. This is a project a friend and I are researching. The European influence on hakama certainly seems fun :D

      -Lady Kimiko