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27710Re: [SCA-JML] Fighting Tactics

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  • JL Badgley
    Jun 15, 2011
      On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 5:56 AM, Yves de Lyle <yvesdelyle@...> wrote:
      > I will investigate the books, and Shogi. I will dust off the rulebook for
      > Go, but finding playing partners is difficult. Does anyone know of somewhere
      > I could play on line?
      > Yves

      Look up "i-go online"

      I believe the KGS Go Server is where I used to play a bit.

      If you've already read Sunzi and Musashi, I'm not sure what to
      recommend. Have you read "Wujing Qishu" (Eng. title: The Seven
      Military Classics of Ancient China)? You might be able to glean
      things out of Japanese war tales or the Tale of the Heike (Heike
      Monogatari), but I don't know that they focus precisely on what you
      are looking at.

      Where are you at? Perhaps there are people you can talk directly
      with? I know that Viscount Sarek gave a wonderful talk about SCA
      group tactics at a university in Atlantia. His analogies to sawing a
      board were particularly insightful, I thought (basically that in
      line-to-line fighting, if you concentrate your attack on the middle of
      a force you are likely to get squashed between the two sides of the
      boards, but if you can put pressure at another point then you can cut
      off a piece of the board, and then work on enveloping around as that
      piece falls off). He also had some interesting thoughts about command
      and leadership (simply: your best fighter may not be your best
      commander)--unfortunately, I don't know that I have his handout any

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