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27696Nara period shaman - photo from the Otaue-sai festival

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  • art_fetish
    Jun 10, 2011
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      I just stumbled onto a photo from a historical festival in Japan that is of interest. The photo is a high quality shot of a young woman who is a shaman from the Nara period.

      To quote the info on the photo: "I took this photo at The Otaue-sai fastival in Fushimi-Inari shrine, Kyoto. She took part in this festival as a shaman. I don't know the name of her hairstyle. However, it looks like hairstyles of ancient men very well. This hairstyle is called "Mizura", and became popular an ancient Japanese men in the 8th century."

      Link to the photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kamomebird/5817496269/in/photostream

      It's a really nice photo and certainly enriching to see pre-Heian period clothing. the collar on her really lends to the evolution of Heian period attire.

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