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27638Passing of a great star: Mistress Minowara Kiritsubo

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  • JL Badgley
    Mar 16, 2011
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      Unlike the cherry,
      the paulownia branches
      are still winter-bare.
      In this, the springtime season
      Where are those long-missed blossoms?

      The following message was released by her husband, Master Phillip of Gent,
      regarding Mistress Minowara Kiritsubo, the first person I know of to receive
      a laurel for Japanese arts in the Kingdom of Atlantia, and a terrific
      mentor, educator, and friend.

      > All:
      > There has been quite a bit of chatter on FB & emails, so I want to put
      > forth a brief message. Kiri's abdominal surgery was Monday, 7-March, and
      > they released her last Monday, 14-March. Things were progressing well - she
      > was walking, sitting up & doing the Phys Therapy stairs. Once home, she
      > could walk without assistance, get into/out of bed and various chairs, etc.
      > This morning around 10 am she complained of not being able to breathe
      > deeply - no pain, just shallow breaths. After calling her surgeon in
      > Baltimore and primary physician here in Prince Frederick, we were directed
      > to take her to the emergency room. When she went back to change, her
      > breathing got more ragged & I called 911 for transport. Before they arrived,
      > she collapsed & I administered CPR & artificial respiration - the EMTs
      > arrives a few minutes later - about 10:30,
      > They got her to the ER and got her heart going again, but she was on a
      > breathing machine & some of her organs shut down. She was Med-Evac'd to the
      > Georgetown University Hospital ICU, and I drove there to be with her
      > (delayed by rush hour traffic). The docs there had her wired up, but told me
      > that her heart had stopped several times, and there was probably brain
      > damage due to lack of O2. We both have living wills, so after consultation
      > with the physician I had them remove the tubes. She left us about 5 minutes
      > later, at 6:45 pm.
      > This was probably caused by a clot in her lungs/heart/brain but that has
      > not been confirmed yet. The onset was quite sudden, but I am glad she did
      > not suffer.
      > Thank you all for your good thoughts, concern and support.
      > - Phillip
      > "Good bye my Love - the brightest star in my sky."

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