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  • Chibasama Ryuichiro
    Jan 31, 2011
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      You're lucky, I had to learn on my own 8)

      Live, Love, Learn!

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      With time and resource constraints, I think he's going to be purchasing a
      sword before a bow. There is a kyudo dojo about an hour or a little less
      from where we live, so it's something to think about in the future. He is
      very interested in a number of Japanese marital arts, including iaido. But
      he also works full time, goes to school part time, he's step-father to my
      older two children (9 and 8), as well as one toddler we have together, and
      we're expecting our second little girl together at the end of May. I know
      my thought would be to get one that could be multi-functional, which means
      non-edged, I believe. I think he's currently looking at something called
      the raptor series, so that he can get an edged blade and a non-edged blade
      for around the price of the one really "cool" sword he also wants. Or not,
      now I'm hearing something about those not having a hamon line.

      I also managed to post pictures of the garb I made us, constructive
      criticism appreciated before I work on anything for Spring/Summer! Of note,
      I think I'm going to make my next set with an inch or so wider panels as the
      bottom didn't seem to wrap around as far as I wanted it to do.

      Thanks for being patient with all of my questions! Going to be acquiring
      books to study soon, just need tax money and/or financial aid extras to show

      Barony of Sternfeld
      Middle Kingdom

      On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 2:52 PM, LJonthebay <wodeford@...> wrote:

      > Ten demerits for improper use of the word "somewhat."
      > Saionji no Standing In The Corner

      "All knowledge is worth having." Anafiel Delaunay, Kushiel's Dart.

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