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  • Chibasama Ryuichiro
    Jan 31, 2011
      I disagree a bit. Euro archery and kyudo are different in almost every way
      (different stance, different 'eye', different grip, different string grip,
      different release, different side of the bow, different rest, and the whole
      'bow spins in your hand' thing is just weird), the experience doesn't
      translate well, and forgetting euro-bow habits makes the process longer and
      more awkward. While yumi are rather expensive (400-800), there are plenty
      of cheap training options for kyudo that don't require teachers or bows (the
      aforementioned gomuyumi).

      Personally, I just got the bow, did lots of reading and video watching, and
      got to it. It's not so difficult that there's any reasonable chance you
      won't figure it out 8)

      Besides, it looks FANTASTIC when you do it right 8)

      Live, Love, Learn!

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      > Does anyone do archery? Anthony's been trying to find Japanese bow
      > of the appropriate times, online, but hasn't had much luck. Also, he says
      > the Japanese used a longbow, which might be more difficult to start out
      > using. So, are the longbows all they used?

      He should search on "kyudo" and "yumi." Yumi are the Japanese longbow. They
      are asymmetric, are shot somewhat differently than Western bows and are
      extremely expensive, even for beginner bows. Instruction in kyudo is
      likewise an issue, particularly if there are no practitioners in your area.

      If he has not done archery previously, I would suggest he get in touch with
      your local archery marshal and get started with loaner gear to see if he
      likes shooting and acquires some basic skills before attempting to trade up.

      I cannot answer regarding swords. That's what retainers are for. ;-D Is he
      planning on using it merely as a costume accessory or does he intend to
      eventually get into iaido or other martial arts with it?

      Saionji no Hana
      West Kingdom


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