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27562RE: [SCA-JML] Archery

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  • Chibasama Ryuichiro
    Jan 31, 2011
      I've been using a yumi for about five years now. I don't know if it's the
      only bow used in Japan, but it's the only one I've seen. It's not difficult,
      but it does take more practice than normal bows, both due to its
      asymmetrical design and the quirky thumb grip it uses. There are plenty of
      tutorials online for how to do it. Don't scoff at the last step; oddly, it
      is the most important.

      I get my supplies at http://kyudo.com/asahiam.html

      It takes a while to get a bow, as they order them from Japan only a few
      times a year, but the product is well worth the wait. They have yumi in
      fiberglass, graphite, and of course, bamboo. I recommend one of the first
      two, as the bamboo takes a lot of extra care. They have all sorts of
      different poundage, from practice to practical. Also, get synthetic strings
      (and extra ones), as the hemp ones don't react to weather well. Make sure
      you get a tsurumaki, as well. Not only does it add a layer of realism to
      your garb, they're damned useful when your string breaks.

      If you're just looking for something to practice your form on, you want a
      gomuyumi, which is just a rubber band on a small pole. Depending on your
      endowment, you may also need a muneate, to keep your chest protected from
      string strike. Finally, because of the odd thumb grip, you'll need an
      archery glove with a thumb. I just use a regular archery glove in
      conjunction with an ippongake, as kyudo gloves are damned expensive.

      Live, Love, Learn!
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