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  • ErinK
    Oct 30, 2010
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      Several of my campmates at Clan Yamakaminari use carport-based tents, and they've never had major problems with frame strength. I'm not sure the cheapest, thinnest carport on the market is reliable, but there certainly are carports that are suitable for canvas tents.

      Japanese tents are just difficult. There aren't any historical camping tents. However, you can do a lot with accessories to make a canvas tent blend in - here's one of Saionji-sensei's efforts: http://www.wodefordhall.com/house.htm

      The other approach is more of a wooden house, like Saiaiko-hime's yashiki (http://www.redgeta.com/Yashiki/), but I'm guessing that doesn't fit your transport and storage needs.

      I'm in the planning stages of a canvas-based Pennsic house, but it's hardly more than a pipe dream at the moment. Will let everyone know if it gets off the drawing board!

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