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  • James Eckman
    Aug 3, 2010
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      > Posted by: "booknerd9"
      > Depends on the anime. Anime that is more dramatic as opposed to comedic and is aimed at adults may have characters that are speaking close to how normal people do[1]. FWIW, I watched anime when studying Japanese in college... I called it "doing research" (instead of say, goofing off).
      For beginners, anime is bad. Until you've had some classes, tapes or
      possibly movies you just don't know how bad! When Akira first came out
      (unsubtitled) a kid brought a copy to Japanese class. This was the
      second semester, and for the first 5 minutes none of us could understand
      a word. This was about the time it took the sensei to recover from shock
      ;) Now I know what they are saying and if I hear anyone speaking like
      that, I'm either running or reaching for a weapon!

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