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    Jul 30, 2010
      Sometimes dramas can be good for getting used to how the language sounds.
      But it's important to remember where the media itself comes from and what
      time/location is being portrayed. They also sometimes have the exaggerated
      speech problem though not as much as Anime. There are a lot of different
      accents inside Japan and on top of it there are language differences based
      on time period. Some historical dramas for instance purposefully use older
      Japanese or a combination of modern and older vocabulary to give it a dated
      feeling. If you're just trying to get used to hearing different sounds and
      don't care about actually speaking the language it might not be too
      horrifically bad. But that's not even getting into the odd sounds that get
      introduced the more people slur or use slang. Once you're used to the base
      sounds Japanese can sound very different based on all this stuff.

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