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27234Re: [SCA-JML] Deadliest Warrior: Ninja Vs Spartan

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  • Diane Taylor
    Jul 25 3:02 PM
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      I didn't agree with that episode at all. Especially when you think about it.
      Those that were Ninjas always were in disguise. Someone should have smacked
      that guy upside the head for being way too obvious. *much rolling of eyes*
      The outcome could have gone either way, but.. come on.. at least do it right and
      do the research on them. A single attack.. on a Spartan.. in broad daylight.
      Puhleeze. The least they could have done was put the Ninja in infiltration
      mode.. something like a farmer, or a peasant out to get food. But Nooo.. they
      had to go with something so obvious even a modern day person would simply shake
      their head and groan.

      Okay, I'll shut up now and go back to work on my newest novel.

      See ya next time,

      Diane Taylor


      Writers don't get mad, they write books.

      From: David & Margaret George <dafydd1@...>
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      Not to mention, on the tv show at least, there was no actual ninjutsu involved
      whatsoever. from what I could see.


      On Jul 25, 2010, at 1:38 AM, Bryant Richards wrote:

      > So I downloaded the demo for the Xobox 360 version of Deadliest Warrior. The
      > demo only lets you pick between the Ninja or the Spartan. The game is ok,
      > probably gets better if you get the full version, but I will say this, the
      > Spartan is made damn near invincible and the Ninja is made on the weak side, as
      > in 2 hits and the ninja is dead.
      > In Honor and Service,
      > Uesugi no Ryujuichiro Uchiyasu
      > House Chiburi
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      David A. George

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