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27109Re: Geisha - Courtesan or...?

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  • James Eckman
    Jun 1, 2010
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      > Posted by: "ErinK"
      > Part of the typical confusion is caused by language.
      > We don't have a good word in English for the job geisha do. Courtesan is close, except for the implication of prostitution.
      Even nowadays, some geisha still perform sex for hire, so that word is
      OK. The Japanese are not the protestant refugees that fled England
      because they were too blue-nosed. Some sex in the water trade is not
      considered anything immoral by most in Japan.
      > Hostess would be good but brings to mind the teenager who seats you at a chain restaurant;
      Host or hostess in Japan would mean geisha nowadays ;)
      > Posted by: "Jeanel Walker"
      > in my opion a geisha is an actress. she sings dance and preforms for an audience...just because she has sex with a person who hired her dose not make her a prostitute. many actresses have sex with there managers, other actors and producers
      Hmm... traditional western atitudes towards actors lump them in with the
      lowlife including prostitutes. Of course their behavior in modern times,
      well you can judge for yourself!

      > Posted by: "wodeford"
      > Ivan Morris' "The World of the Shining Prince" is an excellent study of life in the Heian court.
      I recommend this one as a starter, Genji and the others are hard going
      without some context. I'm not sure what other texts to recommend on this
      period, but it is a refreshing change from all those brutish warrior
      thugs ;)

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