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  • rayzentz@aim.com
    Feb 9, 2010
      And people wonder why there is confusion in th world...

      Dr. Raymond Zentz

      It is better to die a free man, than to live, a slave.

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      From: Sonny Scott <onesoni@...>
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      Sent: Tue, Feb 9, 2010 12:59 pm
      Subject: [SCA-JML] In the News

      This is the lead story in Google about the Washington DC snowstorm,
      courtesy of the Times of Asia.


      All the Mid-Atlantic States are beneath the emergency accompaniment due
      to astringent snow abatement from Friday. The places beneath the
      emergency action are Maryland, Ohio, Delaware and Pennsylvania. People
      in these areas are adversity a lot of as they are heavily abased on the
      accustomed gas food and heating oil.

      The ballsy snowstorm has alongside brought the activity into arrest in
      Pennsylvania. The letters of alley accidents accept as well added due to
      this affectionate of bad acclimate condition. A ancestor and son died
      calm in alley blow on bright artery in Southwestern Virginia while
      allowance addition motorist. According to Virginia accompaniment police,
      a lot of of acclimate accompanying accidents appear aboriginal in the
      morning. In artery 81 in Wythe County, car came to larboard biking lane
      as it spun out of ascendancy in arctic lanes.

      According to acclimate forecast, 20 ??“ 30 inches of blast is accepted
      in this season. A lot of of the Government offices in Washington
      bankrupt 4 hours aboriginal that appointed time today due to affliction
      acclimate conditions. Situation is absolutely bad in southern New Jersey
      and a lot of of the areas in Virginia. Airlines casework were abominably
      afflicted and even some railway casework were canceled due to snowfall.

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