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26673Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Need japanese armor for scene in short film

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  • Aaron Grossman
    Dec 10, 2009
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       It takes rather longer to put

      together a kit of Japanese armor than it does to put together a kit

      of minimally legal SCA armor.With all due respect, Lady Solveig, if he's making costume pieces for a student short, and clearly isn't terribly worried about authenticity, he can make a pair of barrel-plastic dou laced with Xs and Train Tracks in under a week. Certainly, anyone here would cringe to see it on the field, or presented as work for consideration in an A&S event, but this is not his goal.
      Now, oh energetic OP, getting any level of fullness to the lacing will require quite a bit of dedication, as well as expense for a one-time prop; something that will pass the "student film 15-foot rule" would not be that hard. You will, I'd expect, have to give up the
      dream of having kabuto, but fighting bare-headed is a perfectly anime-geek thing to do, and I would not expect it to detract from your intended effect. Please see Master Effingham's page on Odoshi to get a feel for how to lace a dou: http://www.sengokudaimyo.com/katchu/katchu.ch05.html
      Especially pay attention to the section on Sugake Odoshi.

      Unfortunately, I am in Boston, and my suit of hon kozane is far from finished, so offering anything more than ideas is out of my ability at present.
      Best of luck on your film,Kawaguchi no Ryutaro

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