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26669Re: Need japanese armor for scene in short film

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  • Captain Zorikh
    Dec 9, 2009
      Thanks for everyone's input and opinions on the matter of this. Now, is there anyone who can help me get some Japanese-looking armor for the scene?

      The barest minimum we can get away with is the kabuto, the do, and the sode. If I can get the kusa-zuri as well, that would be great. All else would be gravy (but good gravy).

      Anyone? We really want to shoot the scene on Saturday morning, December 19th on a beach near Coney Island (we got a lovely spot all picked out, storyboarded, etc.).

      This is a very low-budget project, so we can;t afford a high rental fee, but we will spell your name right in the credits, give you a copy of the finished film, invite you to the screenings, and if you are there in person, we would feed you. We are even willing to travel a reasonable distance (a couple of hours from NYC) to pick it up and return it).

      Anyone? Or should I get a plastic barrel and work off of the patterns on the Yama Kaminari website?

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