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26652Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Need japanese armor for scene in short film

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  • JL Badgley
    Dec 3, 2009
      There's another famous duel that did happen on the battlefield (and
      thus likely in armor): Takeda Shingen v. Uesugi Kenshin. In it,
      Uesugi Kenshin reportedly made it deep into the Takeda lines, so that
      he was personally face to face with his rival (a very rare thing on
      the battlefield). It happened near a river, and could explain it.
      There might be similar things to bring up, but thanks to things like
      "Heaven and Earth", this is a meeting that is probably well known.

      If you REALLY want the armour to be heavy and stifling, I'd recommend
      poorly made western tournament armour. Still, if you want the
      Japanese thing, you probably want the helmets to have large crests,
      and probably poorly made sashimono (flags) or horo (cape) could help.

      As stated, the problem will be making it believable that Japanese
      armor is all that heavy. Heck, most people who don't know enough
      about it probably think the armor is made of bamboo. A good weapon to
      help here is the "tetsubo"--an studded iron club. Especially if
      someone tries to make it of actual iron (imagine a 6' long club of
      iron). If they use the legend of Benkei and Yoshitsune's duel, iron
      geta (raised sandals) wouldn't be inappropriate for Benkei (and
      watching someone try to fight, let along stand, on them provides
      another possible point for comedy).

      OR... go the Anime route and have one of them bring out one of the
      ridiculous "zanbato" style weapons--huge swords that are just way too
      big and heavy to ever actually work. Heck, two guys in armor, one
      dragging an iron staff and the other dragging an anime-style sword is
      the kind of thing a) I would expect to see from a couple of guys who
      really don't know much about Japan beyond pop culture.

      Hope some of this helps.


      PS: Before I get beat up by folks for historical problems--based on
      the premise, it sounds like two guys who don't really know Japanese
      history other than having heard some bits and pieces about duels.
      Based on that, I figure going out into the wild and whacky side of
      things is actually justified, here.
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