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26648Re: [SCA-JML] Need japanese armor for scene in short film

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  • Cowan Jeremy
    Dec 3, 2009
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      > We can make it real easy for you -- Musashi and Kojiro didn't <BR>> wear armour in their duel.

      I'm betting that actually makes it harder for him, rather than easier. He's painted himself into a corner. He said that they are not actually supposed to fight in this scene since the armor tires them out before they get to actually exchanging blows.. But he has two big problems that he didn't expect. Musashi and Kojiro didn't wear armor in their duel and I'd bet that if the armor is worn correctly, it's not THAT tiring.

      One option for him would be to ignore the facts and continue with his plan since many people would happily buy into the premises. In which case he would still need armor.

      Or alternatively, perhaps we could help him come up with another plan. Can we think of a famous duel where the opponents would have worn Japanese armor? What can we add to the armor to make it more tiring? Maybe make them wear yumi and they keep getting caught on things or tripping over the bow? I don't suppose anyone ever wore geta with armor - since it is in the winter perhaps an excuse could be made for tall geta in the snow, but they keep falling all over the place? Were there any famous duels with kanabo or something else suitably unweildy?

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