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26591Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Armor Lacing

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  • John Lyon
    Nov 3, 2009
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      I've had fantastic luck with just the Shoelaces from Shoelacesforless. I was
      able to buy large amounts, of long laces. My Do is made of the Effingham
      Kozane, so LOTS of lacing. I'm a big guy, and I think I ended up spending
      $100-150 on shoe laces. They were great because they were nylon and I could
      fuse the ends as I worked which was a great help. Having Nubs was also very
      helpful for the lacing process. If your armor is going to be made of
      plastic, the Shoelaces are going to be plenty tough for your application. If
      your Do is going to be made of steel, you might just be SOL. My first set
      was a sparse-laced 16G steel set. I used hockey lacing. Steel cut through
      them quickly, and anything else I tried to use to replace it. With the
      plastic I've been fighting for years and the only problem is that the lacing
      has gotten stained from sweat and dirt. When you order from Lacesforless,
      they will ask if you want it bundled or loose, get bundled. Then they tie
      them together in pairs for you. If you get it loose then you just get this
      big box of loose strings. Less fun than you might imagine, especially if you
      are doing a lot of lacing.

      On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 5:03 PM, Ward <mi6_studios@...> wrote:

      > i used paracord.
      > 550 paracord.
      > pull the inner strands out if you want it flat.
      > leave it with strands for the tough stuff.
      > ebay .
      > lots of colors.
      > lots.

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      John Lyon
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