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26434Building a Kamakura Persona

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  • Argent Fox
    Sep 27, 2009

      Hello, my name is Nanashi Yuri and sadly I find it necessary to start this post with a disclaimer. My Japanese vocabulary is very limited and my spelling (in both English and Japanese) doubly so. There for if I say something wrong or choose to describe what I mean rather then use the proper words for them that is why, I apologize is this confuses or offends anyone but education can be a slow process requiring much repetition.

      Five-ish years ago I joined the SCA intending to play a Japanese persona. I did some research and biased on what I found at the time I chose Kamakura Period do to the simplicity of the time as well as admiration for Minamoto no Yoritomo and the stories of Tomoe Gozen and Itagaki. (Weather they be historically true or just stories suck as the Iliad I don't know or care much.)

      My research at that time, and I'm sorry to say I have lost almost all of the links I had found back then, lead me to believe that a female Buke wore a white kiosode and red hakima, with a single colored coat. (Unless it was cold then layers could be added.) however when browsing the Kyoto Museum sight more recently I have been unable to find mention of such simple garb. Also it has come to my attention that the female Hakima is quite different then the male Hakima, which I prefer.

      So to wrap things up I was wondering if it would be acceptable for someone who is just starting to build there persona to where a white Kiosode with a coat or two and a red hakima sewn in the male fashion. And if not what about cross dressing or a young female who emulates the stories of the above people?

      Thank you all for your time and patience.

      Nanashi Yuri
      Aka Jennifer Dinwiddie
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