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  • majora120690@aol.com
    Aug 11, 2009
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      Thank everyone for the good advise and information. I will research some names and just do a known as for Yamaneko.

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      The problem is that there isn't much evidence of women (or anyone, if I recall correctly) being named after animals in pre-Edo Japan.

      Japanese names of the type you're after are more frequently based on esoteric qualities (grace, health, generosity, strength). Less common, but still there, are personal names based on plants (especially for women) and geographic features (though it's more frequently mundane things like rice paddies and well frames than awesome stuff like mountains).

      If you're stuck on the lynx thing and still want your name to be registered, you might want to drop that part from your official name and use it as a nickname. That doesn't mean it's correct, but how serious you want to be is really up to you!


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      > I thought that Japanese? prior to the 1600's , women were named for objects or elements? and that most womens names were not documented.? I may have been given the wrong information.? Since my device has mountains and the tiger or cat paw on it I would like to keep my name revolving around the device since it will pass.? Does anyone have any name suggestions?? Again I am grateful for all of your help.

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