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  • Albrecht Waldfurster
    Aug 10, 2009
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      Good milady,

      Thank you for providing a couple of hours of engaging conversation with
      my fellow heralds in the College of Arms. I have a couple of questions,
      which I will insert into your message.


      majora120690@... wrote:
      > Thank you very much for the fast reply and advise. They have found no
      > problem with my device.

      Who are 'they'? Your local herald? A consulting table at a large event?
      An official reply from the Trimarian College of Heralds? The resources
      and experience available at each level will affect how comprehensive
      your information is.

      > it is mountains over a fan with a paw print in the middle. I would
      > like to keep my name as close to my device description as possible.

      Unfortunately, this description of your proposed device (which I assume
      you plan to use in the form of a mon) leaves me confused as to its exact
      appearance. By chance do you have the blazon, as prepared by your
      consulting herald, that you could post as an email, or an electronic
      image you could post, temporarily, to the Files section here?

      > I thought that Japanese prior to the 1600's , women were named for
      > objects or elements and that most womens names were not documented. I
      > may have been given the wrong information.

      I am not a Japanese names expert, but I would suggest you start by
      exploring the Files section here for directly-available documents and
      the Links section for out-of-group references. If that doesn't work, try
      using Google to search for 'Japanese Names SCA' -- I know from
      experience, in helping my son, that this will produce a broad spectrum
      of places to explore.

      > Since my device has mountains and the tiger or cat paw on it I would
      > like to keep my name revolving around the device since it will pass.
      Linking your name and device in that fashion is a very good idea.
      Heraldically, we call that 'canting arms' and it has a very long
      tradition in European armory.

      I _am_ concerned about your confidence that the device _will_ pass.
      There is much that can happen between now (is it officially in the
      pipeline to the Laurel Sovereign of Arms? no, because it can't be
      submitted without a registered name or an associated in-process name)
      and the Laurel meeting where its registration is finally decided. I am
      NOT saying that your proposed device will not pass as it is, only that
      you must be prepared for some unforeseen event require that the device
      be changed.

      In particular, I will point out that the use of a pawprint is what we
      (the SCA College of Arms) call one Step From Period Practice (SFPP).
      This, in and of itself, is not cause to return the device. But if you
      were to depict the mountain in a form that was not known or used in
      period, that _would_ be another SFPP and sufficient grounds to return
      the device for reconsideration. This is why it is so important for me,
      or anyone else wishing to advise you, to see the proposed blazon and
      your intended graphical representation.

      Does this make sense to you?

      I hope that you will understand that I am describing these issues, not
      to discourage you, but to educate you about possible problems so that
      _we_ can avoid them.

      As for the naming issues, there are many others on this list who can
      help you far more than I can. I trust they will chime in as the evening
      progresses in their time zones.

      > Does anyone have any name suggestions? Again I am grateful for all of
      > your help.

      Freiherr Albrecht Waldfurster
      Meister des Pelikan-Ordens
      Inh., Gasthaus zum Wilder Mann
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