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26108Re: [SCA-JML] New to group

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  • majora120690@aol.com
    Aug 10, 2009
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      Thank you very much for the fast reply and advise.? They have found no problem with my device. it is mountains over a fan with a paw print in the middle.? I would like to keep my? name as close to my device description as possible.??

      I thought that Japanese? prior to the 1600's , women were named for objects or elements? and that most womens names were not documented.? I may have been given the wrong information.? Since my device has mountains and the tiger or cat paw on it I would like to keep my name revolving around the device since it will pass.? Does anyone have any name suggestions?? Again I am grateful for all of your help.

      I believe Mr. Bryant you may know a couple friends of mine, Countess Carmenetta and Steve and Kim Bloom?
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