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  • Albrecht Waldfurster
    Aug 10, 2009
      Good milady,

      I am not an expert on Japanese names or culture, nor do I play one on
      the tourney field. But I am a long-time herald and I did notice one
      issue with your request that you will need to address.

      The time period of the SCA is pre-17th century, that is, prior to 1600.
      Names to be registered with the College of Arms must be consistent with
      naming practices for the specified culture (or cultures), prior to
      _1600_. In the case of Japanese names, that would mean, basically,
      before the Edo (or Tokugawa) period, which began in 1603.

      I wish you best success in your search for a name,


      Janet wrote:
      > Greetings:
      > My name is HL Uesugi Yamaneko. I live in Trimaris and am the
      > Seneschal of the Shire of Amurgorod. I am a heavy weapons fighter
      > and combat archer and sometimes do equestrian. Both my son and I
      > both love anything and all things japanese. I came across your yahoo
      > group and could not wait to join to be able to talk with other SCA
      > Japanese personas.
      > I am trying to document my given name of Yamaneko. (mountain cat) I
      > have passed the Yama part but am having a time finding any pre 1700
      > reference names with the ending neko.
      > If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

      Freiherr Albrecht Waldfurster
      Meister des Pelikan-Ordens
      Inh., Gasthaus zum Wilder Mann
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