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25968Re: [SCA-JML] Question on household

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  • the.lady.phoenix@gmail.com
    Jul 3 9:46 PM
      well in Kendo there is an entire school dedicated to the art/technique to
      the drawing of the blade. I forget the technique however the american Kendo
      assocation, has the details on their website, It hink it's called Intai
      (sp) That might be a good starting point.


      2009/7/3 Bryant Richards <ninjalikereflex@...>

      > ok I think everyone answered what I need to know. Registering the household
      > name is more or less a personal choice and wouldn't really change things
      > much as far as how the SCA sees our household. That it may be easier to not
      > register it, especially if we really like the name we have and cannot find
      > any proof that it would have been a clan/guild/etc name in period.
      > And if one day we become large, say like Shadow Legion (for those who know
      > who they are) we can always revisit the idea of registering if we want.
      > Does anyone happen to know off hand of a period Japanese
      > guild/school/troupe, etc that named themselves after a skill or technique?
      > Like "The naginata masters" or the "rice planters guild" or "school of the
      > iron palm". I just figure if I can show that groups named themselves after
      > skills or techniques then I should be able to get "Blood-sling household" a
      > good shot.
      > In Honor and Service,
      > Uesugi no Ryujuichiro Uchiyasu
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