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25946Re: On-Line Stability

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  • quokkaqueen
    Jul 2, 2009
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      I was thinking more than just this one mailing list, and in a broader sense. (After all, originally the discussion was about what resources could be suggested for newcomers looking for information in the KWH.)
      But, I'm sure we could argue about this for days and completely derail the discussion from historic Japanese information.

      But I can hopefully comment on this without starting a heated discussion:
      > Leaving Yahoo may itself present problems. I'm trying to remember
      > whether Yahoo was the hosting service which was claiming copyright on
      > all material posted on its services.
      In the Australian and US yahoo terms of service, it looks like they don't claim copyright on your submitted content, however you do grant them a license to do things to it (should they choose), until you remove it from Yahoo!Groups, or they remove it.
      http://au.docs.yahoo.com/info/terms/ (scroll down the point nine.)

      Hope that helps,
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