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  • Erin Kelly
    Jun 23, 2009
      I was just obi shopping myself.

      The first thing to worry about is avoiding the SCA reserved belt colors. White, red, green, and yellow belts have special meanings and you shouldn't wear them if you're not qualified to wear them. I think blue belts have a meaning too, but it's not exclusive like white and red (green and yellow I'm not 100% sure). Do a web search for "SCA sumptuary laws" if you need more information about that.

      Beyond that, find a color you like. For inspiration, obviously, look at the historical pictures in the Kyoto costume museum (http://www.iz2.or.jp/english/)

      Note that the period (pre-Edo) obi are quite basic; in fact I can't even see any in the Heian models.

      I don't know about cord, I'm a simple Kamakuran girl (or sometimes a boy) and she doesn't bother with froofy stuff like that. But the only fancy cord I see in the costume museum is on the Kamakura "courtesan," who you may or may not want to emulate. And of course, red is still out. (Unless you're a squire, in which case you can go to town with the red! And it would probably look nice.) But I'm pretty sure you can get that kind of drapery cord in gold and some other colors if it's important for you.

      Good luck!

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