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25472Re:Samurai vs Viking Ninja vs Spartan?? *gag*

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  • James Eckman
    May 4, 2009
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      Why are we even discussing this, everyone knows that NINJA are the
      world's greatest fighters! Just like in the movies ;)

      Though frankly I think the Romans would kick all of their asses since
      historically they kicked two of them and until the Sengoku period
      Japanese armies were poorly organized. I would also say small unit
      tactics of the Japanese were pretty much every man for himself.... Not a
      good tactic against those cheating, sneaky, triple-teaming Romans.

      AKA soldiers versus warriors.

      > A Viking would not stand a chance against a Samurai.
      Oops, there were historical samurai whose ass I could have kicked. Like
      samurai infant ;) It's a social class, Viking is a job title. I suspect
      samurai accountant would have his ass kicked by a Viking.
      > Viking use brute force to smash Shields and hack with their large, unbalanced swords.
      Brute force is good sometimes. A highly tempered sword struck hard with
      a big heavy nasty ax might not survive since this was a problem against
      other Japanese as well. Though wearing western armor on a Japanese
      summer day would be an extra special experience. LA is bad enough and
      there's no humidity!
      > Look at what they did to the Mongols.
      You mean like have being almost totally defeated by a bunch of reluctant
      Korean conscripts....
      > Just wanted to give you some fodder to toss around,
      Or toss up ;) Ahh reminds me of playing D&D....
      > Posted by: "autumnriver"
      > I do think a Knight vs. Samurai episode would be amusing. Bushido vs. Chivalry! In my twisted imagination, the end result would not be about armor, technology or tactics, but who wrote the best poetry. ;-D
      Painting duels!!!! Musashi would have that one nailed.
      > You know, this Tuesday's episode is Mafia vs. Yakuza. I nearly died laughing when I saw the preview. Why, yes, I am going to watch it, just for the LOLZ.
      That is soooo sick!
      > Sigh, and now I've gone and added to the pile of fertilizer.
      > -Ii
      It just makes me feel like a teenager again.... hmmm fertilizer generator

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