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25470Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Samurai vs Viking Ninja vs Spartan?? *gag*

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  • Rick Johnson
    May 4, 2009
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      >>My thin with the Ninja scenario is the fact that I remember reading in one of AJ book's that the ninja were as normal "looking" as you and I in the sense that they infiltrated the enemy as garners, cooks, peddlers and so on
      >>As per assassinations, I believe they were pretty stealthy and it would have been a silent attack, none of the "movie" stuff. Just my two Yen.

      In any army, les than 5% would be really excellent fighters. Most would be front-line combat troops with enough training to stay alive and kill... like me.
      Look at the US Army. 95% are front line grunts, les than 5% would be Rangers or Delta Force or whatever.

      Same in Japan with 95% being low-level Samurai with soldier-grade swords or spears and less than 5% being equal to our image of Tishiro Mifune.

      As for ninja, they were spies, not super-soldiers. When they killed, they'd prefer to shove a cheap sword into someone's back or poison them from a distance or a dagger in the kidney while they were 'in congress' and defenseless. So you wouldn't find many, if any, who would be what we think of as Ashida Kim or Sho Kosugi.

      Vikings tended to prefer to shoot people from a distance with bows and chase after unarmed civilians with axes. You can't spend loot if you face off agaisnt a trained army! And far too many vikings were.. farmers who went raiding withour much formal training.

      So whern you do simulations like this, are you assuming front-line grunt agaisnt front-line grunt or the equivalent of Spetznost against Delta-Force? Sho against Toshiro?
      Or will you match some Danish farmer who only owns an axe plus his father's stolen and rusty byrnie against the best Japan has to offer?

      It the old "Rapier vs Katana" argument all over again.

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