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25376Miso Soup for the English Modern

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    Apr 16, 2009
      Bean paste and Benito flakes are the corner stone of a good Miso soup, in my opinion. There are about three different kinds of bean paste, light, medium and dark. Benito flakes are pretty much the same.
      While dashi is good, I find that Dashi can be incredibly salty! Especially the Anchovy Dashi. If you are watching your salt intake, benito flakes and bean paste are a better alternative.
      Personally, I like body in my Miso soup. So as an american twist, I use a can of chicken broth and water as a base, then boil the flakes in it. The chicken broth doesn't cover up the taste of the flakes, I think it compliments it. After straining out the flakes, the soup base has a body to it that I really like.
      Add-ins like tofu and noodles, are to individual taste. Go to your local oriental market and experiment. That's what I do.
      There is no secret ingrediant or special recipe for miso soup. And in period, there was bean paste, benito flakes, and what ever you could afford, have in your pantry, or what was in the garden. (Same with stir fry. Rice, what veggies you had, and maybe if you were lucky, meat) So, using the three main ingrediants, water, bean paste, and benito flakes, as long as you keep it simple, your good.
      hope this has been helpful.

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