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  • Bryant Richards
    Apr 16, 2009
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      I seem to remember not very long ago people where talking about what to use to carry stuff while dress in period. I am not sure if this came up, but I imagine you could use Seoi Kago. Not 100 sure if it's period, but I have seen similiar things in period artwork. I just never knew what to call it. I have had trouble finding it and I finally did, at a German Tool manufacture. Yeah go figure, it is like the german version of the black and decker company as far as I can tell, but amongst the power saws and hammers I find Seoi Kago! It's about $40 US but I can't seem to find anywhere on their site if they ship to the USA. But just looking at it it seems easy enough to make... assuming you know how to weave bamboo. Anyway here is the link:


      In Honor and Service,
      Uesugi no Ryujuichiro Uchiyasu

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