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25368Re: [SCA-JML] Miso Soup

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  • JL Badgley
    Apr 15, 2009
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      On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 2:30 AM, Franzi Dickson <fdickson@...> wrote:
      > It looks like the recent recipe was for instant miso soup balls.  What kind of recipe are you looking for and how detailed do you want it to be?  Miso soup is just miso paste in standard Japanese cooking stock.  Are you asking how to make the stock, how to make miso, how to dry fish (i.e. making the stock really, really from scratch), or just what other ingredients you should add?

      Ditto what Franzi-dono is saying. For plain miso soup, go ahead and
      look online for myriad recipes. In my experience, the historical
      Japanese texts don't bother telling you how to make miso soup, except
      what to put in it.

      Personally, I've found that making a good dashi broth to start is the
      secret, followed by controlling the temperature of the miso. If you
      boil the miso (or keep it heated for too long) you'll break down the
      flavor. Personally, I like adding fresh miso to individual bowls as I
      pour the dashi over it, but this isn't practical in all cases. Still,
      I think it provides the best miso flavor, imho.

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