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  • Rick Johnson
    Mar 4, 2009
      It’s not what you think.

      I got a letter asking me to brew some ‘Cock ale’ because I am so good at Mead (memo: the Lugh's Light and Oh My Gods chocolate Mead will be ready for beltane!)

      So I thought.. it can’t be what I am thinking. It must refer to male roosters. Maybe they add chicken fat to the must or put feathers in the glass?

      But no. you take a dead rooster, smash it with a hammer until the bones are pulverized and brew the beer around the remains!


      I can see a couple Irish guys in a Scottish pub in Glasgow getting drunk and saying, “Sean, my boy, we got these feckless Scots to wear dresses, carry a purse, play bagpipes, eat bloody oatmeal in a sheep’s gut and throw telephone poles around. What else can we do to them?”

      “Maybe we can… I know! Let’s tell them that the best beer has… includes.. <burp> will someone shut that stupid rooster up! That’s it! We’ll tell them to brew beer using a dead rooster!”

      “Great idea! And we’ll call it… chicken beer!”

      Naw, even the Scots aren’t that stupid. How about… Cock Ale!”

      “Patrick, my friend, you are a genius!”


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