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25214RE: [SCA-JML] Re: Hats?

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  • Melissa Russell
    Mar 2, 2009
      I have seen them for $60, $90 and $230 online. I would be willing to pay $20-40, depending on quality and shipping costs.

      I would really like to know how to make my own, though. *Is currently eying up the dying fan in the corner with a lovely removable sando-gasa shaped blade-cage.*


      How much would you be willing to pay for a sando-gasa that looks like



      I've been thinking we have this problem every time someone wants a

      darn hat but is unwilling or unable to pay what Bokunan-do charges for


      I have an idea for a solution, but I am not going to throw myself on

      the grenade unless I know people are interested AND have realistic

      expectations as to what it's going to cost them.

      Your thoughts?

      Saionji no Hanae

      West Kingdom

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