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  • Colleen Kardasz
    Mar 2, 2009
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      Erin is really being too hard on herself. She looked Great!, again, it is all a matter of perception. Would an expert from the museum know what is wrong, yes, would the average Scadian know -- NO. But completely understand how you feel, I am usually never happy with my finished projects, especially illuminations, it never is as good as the picture in my head.

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      I've been frantically sewing all week on a new outfit for Mi-no-Hi,
      but I pretty much made it up to be "sort of" right (based on period
      elements, as Saionji-hime suggested later in her note). Re-reading
      some of these pages, I felt bad for a few minutes as I pondered the
      shortcomings of my new garb - but then I realized I was just being
      silly. It's pretty. And I can use these same hakama at Pennsic and
      not worry about walking in camp in them!

      I came up with a good solution: I'm going to think of my new outfit as
      "an homage" to Heian court dress! :-)

      (I'm more of a Kamakura girl anyway....)

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      > All right. I am going to send you to the pages I wrote on Getting This
      > Right.
      > http://www.wodeford hall.com/ display.htm
      > http://www.wodeford hall.com/ karaginumo. htm
      < ... >
      > Saionji no Hanae
      > West Kingdom

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