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25207Re: [SCA-JML] Hats?

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  • Dean Wayland
    Mar 1, 2009
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      Hi Melissa,

      Like you, several of our group, including me, tend to fry under a strong
      sun, so we sourced some appropriate broad brimmed head gear.

      The following festival supplies company in Japan carry a range of hats,
      but some have plastic "bones". We've had several, of which the Takuhatsu
      was the best. The hats themselves are expensive, but their flat atamadai
      (liners) are cheap, which go well with our alternative (read on).


      A U.S. company carries the following inexpensive Chinese made bamboo
      hats, which come with an elastic chin strap. We bought ten of these a
      while back as they are entirely made of bamboo, then we removed the
      elastic and installed the flat style "atamadai" bought in from
      shop-japan (shown on the above page). We then added hemp ties. At some
      point we're going to try and get a load of straw string, like that used
      on waraji (sandals) for our next batch.


      These hats work extremely well, providing shade, protection from rain
      and ventilation, as they do not sit directly upon the scalp. For extra
      comfort and sweat absorption most of us wear a hachimaki (head cloth).

      They do other hats but the above is the best. But FYI here's their hat


      Incidentally to the ashigaru out there, we tried something like the
      following hat to fulfil the requirement for a "folding sedge" hat. It
      works okay, but the conical bamboo ones are definitely nicer. Not sure
      what the asiaideas version is actually like:


      Anyway, hope this is of some help.


      In message
      <7b4179080903010028g71bb1d06j56f3be4518ff592c@...>, JL
      Badgley <tatsushu@...> writes
      >On Sun, Mar 1, 2009 at 9:23 AM, Melissa Russell <virusq@...>
      >> I was looking at the "mushi-no tareginu" or the "obuto-no zori" or
      >something like the "nuri-gasa", preferably.  I tend to burn easily and was
      >looking for something that would be both acceptibly authentic and shade
      >me from the Atenveldt sun.
      >Mushi-no-tareginu is actually the part that hangs down from the hat,
      >which is an "ichimegasa" (I read that as "market woman hat"--probably
      >just from the idea that it is for going out and about). FYI, you also
      >see this hat and bug-screen (mushi-no-tareginu is basically the
      >"hanging cloth for bugs") in Chinese Tang period examples, so I would
      >assume its use goes back further than Kamakura period.
      >There was a link on the group website to a place where you can find
      >similar hats. The screen you would likely need to make yourself, but
      >it isn't that difficult.
      >Nurigasa I can only picture on women in a ritual or religious
      >function, though that isn't to say they can't be found elsewhere. I'd
      >want to find the evidence before I wore it, but it does appear to be
      >the most simplistic of the hats (the typical conical straw hat, often
      >seen on peasants, but lacquered instead of plain--hence the "nuri").
      >I'm not sure what you mean by the obuto-no-zori. Can you point out
      >the picture you are looking at?

      Dean Wayland
      Head Of The Fight School
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